Saturday, August 2, 2014

Free Mcboot acquisition woes, :(

These days I'm quite busy, comes with being an adult I guess. That being said I was looking for an online retailer that sells Free Mcboot memory cards for PS2 pre-loaded with the data.
I came across a site, that sells and ships them anywhere. I purchased two memory cards, one for my brother and one for myself.
The process was simple enough I went though Paypal and payed more than they are worth because I thought I was saving myself time. Now I'm here typing away trying to save you time. All I can say is BUYER BEWARE. I never received my purchases, it's been almost half a year, and even though the retailer and I were talking about this situation he has since removed me from Facebook and has ceased communications in an attempt to get me to forget what happened.

I just hope you read this before you venture further.

Thanks for reading

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